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Building Your Social Circle in Charlotte: How to Make Friends and Nurture New Relationships

Updated: 7 days ago

Step 1: Make Friends, Step 2: Keep Them

Making friends as an adult can be challenging, but Charlotte, NC, offers a vibrant array of opportunities to help you build a meaningful social circle. Whether you're new to the area or just looking to expand your network, here are some strategies to create lasting connections in the Queen City.

The Top 5 Ways to Meet People in Charlotte

DishCourse: The Best Way to Make Friends in Charlotte

When it comes to personalized and engaging social experiences, DishCourse stands out as the premier way to meet people in Charlotte. DishCourse hosts events, like dinner parties, for small groups based on common interests. Each event features handmade gifts and professional hosts who facilitate conversations, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and included.

personalized place setting at DishCourse dinner party

DishCourse events are curated to cater to various interests, making it easy to find an event that aligns with what's important to you. From dinner parties to fitness classes and art workshops, the intimate settings and thoughtful touches create a welcoming environment ideal for forming lasting friendships. For those wondering how to make friends in Charlotte, DishCourse is a perfect starting point.

While DishCourse is an amazing way to make new friends in Charlotte, it is also a critical piece of a long-term plan to build and maintian those relationships. When you leave the table, your experience is far from over. The next day, you'll be placed in a group chat with your fellow guests so you can continue to connect. Once you've attended an event you become part of the DishCourse Community. We offer monthly events and meet-ups for members to help them meet even more people and reconnect.

Tone & Tap: Social Fitness Group Classes

If you’re looking for a way to stay active and socialize at the same time, Tone & Tap is a fantastic option. This unique fitness group combines exercise with socializing, offering classes that range from yoga to high-intensity interval training. After each class, participants can enjoy a refreshing drink and mingle with fellow fitness enthusiasts. It's a great way to bond over shared fitness goals and healthy living.

SkillPop: Learn and Connect with New People

SkillPop, one of DishCourse’s partners, offers a plethora of classes that can help you learn new skills while meeting new people. From photography and calligraphy to business and technology, SkillPop’s classes are taught by local experts and held at various locations around Charlotte. These sessions provide a relaxed and interactive environment where you can connect with others who share your interests.

group of friends holding up paintings from art class

Weeknight Trivia Nights: Fun and Friendly Competition

Trivia nights are a staple of Charlotte’s social scene, providing a fun and competitive way to meet people. Here are some popular spots where you can test your knowledge and make new friends:

  • Monday Night at Rhino Market: Known for its laid-back atmosphere and challenging questions.

  • Tuesday Night at Angry Ale's (Music Trivia): Perfect for music lovers who want to show off their knowledge of tunes.

  • Wednesday Night at Town Brewing Co.: Enjoy great brews and trivia with a friendly crowd.

  • Thursday Night at VBGB: A lively venue with outdoor seating and a fantastic trivia night.

Annual Festivals and Events in Charlotte

Charlotte hosts numerous annual festivals and events that provide ample opportunities to socialize and connect with the community:

  • Charlotte SHOUT! (Spring): This citywide celebration of art, music, food, and innovation takes place at various locations throughout Charlotte.

  • Festival in the Park (Fall): Held at Freedom Park, this event features art, crafts, music, and family-friendly activities, making it a perfect outing for socializing with friends old and new.

  • Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade (Summer): A vibrant celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, including parades, performances, and community booths, held in Uptown Charlotte.

  • Taste of Charlotte (Summer): Taking place in Uptown Charlotte, this food festival offers a chance to sample dishes from some of the city’s best restaurants, perfect for food enthusiasts looking to connect over shared culinary interests.

  • Carolina Renaissance Festival (Fall): Located in Huntersville, just outside Charlotte, this event transports visitors to the 16th century with jousting tournaments, artisan crafts, and themed entertainment, ideal for history buffs and cosplay enthusiasts alike.

  • Moo & Brew Festival (Spring): Combining craft beer and burger competitions, this festival at AvidXchange Music Factory is perfect for those who enjoy good food and drinks in a social atmosphere.

After meeting new people in Charlotte, nurturing those friendships is crucial for fostering lasting connections. Attending local festivals not only enriches your understanding of Charlotte’s vibrant culture but also integrates you into the community fabric. You can check out a full list of upcoming festivals in Charlotte on Charlotte's Got a Lot!

Friendships Are An Investment

Building a social circle in Charlotte doesn’t have to be daunting. By engaging in activities that align with your interests and taking advantage of the city's diverse social offerings, you can create meaningful connections.

The Work Doesn't Stop After Meeting New Friends

Whether it’s through the personalized experiences offered by DishCourse, the dynamic classes at SkillPop, the energetic fitness sessions at Tone & Tap, or the lively trivia nights and festivals throughout the year, Charlotte provides a wealth of opportunities to meet and bond with new people. But, don't forget - it's critical to maintain and build your friendships. Investing in yourself and these new relationships will make living in Charlotte that much better!

How to Nurture Your New Friendships

Building friendships in Charlotte is just the beginning; nurturing these connections is essential for them to thrive and grow. Here are some tips on how to maintain and build upon the friendships you've made in the Queen City:

  1. Stay Connected: Exchange contact information and stay in touch through regular messages, calls, or social media interactions. Small gestures like checking in or sharing interesting articles can go a long way in maintaining connections.

  2. Plan Regular Meet-Ups: Schedule outings or meet-ups to explore Charlotte together, attend local events, or simply hang out. Setting aside dedicated time strengthens bonds and creates shared memories.

  3. Show Genuine Interest: Take an active interest in your friends’ lives by listening attentively, remembering important details, and celebrating their achievements. Genuine interest fosters trust and deepens emotional connections.

  4. Support Each Other: Offer support during challenging times and celebrate successes together. Being there for each other builds a sense of solidarity and reinforces the friendship.

  5. Try New Activities Together: Explore new hobbies, attend classes, or participate in community events together. Shared experiences help create stronger bonds and provide opportunities for growth as friends.

  6. Be Reliable and Dependable: Honor commitments and be someone your friends can count on. Reliability builds trust and demonstrates your commitment to nurturing the friendship.

By actively engaging in these practices, you can cultivate meaningful friendships in Charlotte that enrich your social life and create a supportive network in your new community.

group of DishCourse friends smiling at brewery meet-up


This blog is designed to help you discover how to meet people in Charlotte and make lasting friendships. If you have specific experiences or additional tips, feel free to share them in the comments!

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