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What Sets DishCourse Apart: A Truly Human Way to Make New Friends in Charlotte

In a landscape crowded with large group meet-ups and tech-based platforms, DishCourse stands out by offering something uniquely different: high-quality, human-centric social experiences for small groups. At DishCourse, everything we do is personal, everything is human. Here’s what makes us truly unique.

Why choose an intimate event over a crowded meet-up?

Unlike large, impersonal gatherings, DishCourse focuses on small groups where genuine connections can flourish. Our dinner parties are designed for tables of six, creating an intimate setting perfect for meaningful conversations. We also offer a variety of other small group experiences, from floral arranging workshops to boat days, all designed to bring people together based on shared interests.

At DishCourse, we believe the best conversations happen in cozy settings. Our dinner parties are designed for tables of six, ensuring that every guest has the opportunity to engage meaningfully with others. Beyond dinner, we offer a variety of small group experiences, from floral arranging workshops to boat days. Each event is crafted to foster genuine connections based on shared interests, and every event is professionally hosted; you'll be guided through the experience from start to finish.

Group of friends

Attending an event should be easy

Joining a DishCourse event is refreshingly simple. There are no quizzes, no applications, and no confusion at the door. We believe everyone in Charlotte deserves access to friendship and community, and we strive to make it as easy as possible to participate. All you need to do is choose the event that excites you, and we handle the rest.

What makes DishCourse different?

Expect a personalized, seamless experience

From start to finish, our team ensures your experience is seamless and enjoyable. You'll never have to wonder where to go or what to do. Our hosts are your common ground, helping everyone feel comfortable and included with engaging games, conversation starters, and icebreakers that are genuinely fun. No awkward moments here!

Dinner table with place card and gift bag

Know how to connect with your guests (and the entire DishCourse community) after your event

The connections you make at DishCourse events don’t end when the evening does. The day after your event, our hosts will start a group chat with all guests, making it easy to continue your newfound friendships. We also have a private Facebook group and Discord server where you can connect with the larger DishCourse community in Charlotte.

Handcrafted Touches

Every guest leaves a DishCourse event with a special gift made by me, the owner. Most often, this is a hand-poured, organic soy wax candle, but sometimes we mix it up to match the theme of the event. These handcrafted gifts are a small token of our appreciation and a reminder of the memorable connections made.

table setting with gift bag

Local Partnerships for Unique Experiences

We partner with local restaurants and businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina to offer experiences you won't find anywhere else. Our dinner parties are hosted at local restaurants and each menu is custom-built for DishCourse. We also work with artists, creators, and teachers to offer special workshops and classes, so you can bond with new friends by learning something new. By supporting local, we not only enhance our events but also contribute to the community we love.

DishCourse is rooted in humanity

group of friends holding up artwork

What truly sets DishCourse apart is our deep commitment to real, human experiences. While other companies might offer similar events, none match the personal touch, meticulous coordination, and heartfelt passion that we bring to every gathering. We’re not just about organizing events; we’re about creating spaces where real, lasting friendships can flourish.

Join us at DishCourse and discover the difference of a truly personal, human-centric social experience. Whether you’re new to Charlotte or looking to expand your social circle, our events offer a welcoming and enjoyable way to meet like-minded individuals. Because at DishCourse, we believe everyone deserves the gift of friendship.

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