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Why is it so challenging to meet new friends as an adult? Well, it’s science.

"Sociologists have kind of identified the ingredients that need to be in place for us to make friends organically, and they are continuous unplanned interaction and shared vulnerability," University of Maryland psychologist Marisa Franco told Boston's NPR news station, WBUR.  "As we become adults, we have less and less environments where those ingredients are at play."



We’re connecting Charlotte-area strangers with like-minded souls to help build social circles. 


To grow the social wealth of everyone in Charlotte. 

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How does it work?

  1. Review our events: Our events are organized by common interests & topics of conversation. Choose the theme & menu you like best.

  2. Buy your ticket(s): If tickets are available, you can purchase them. Otherwise, you can join the waitlist. Note: You can absolutely attend more than one event!

  3. Day of the dinner: Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Your host will greet you. Your ticket will be scanned and ID checked to confirm you're 21+. We will take care of the rest!

  4. After dinner: Stay connected in your dinner party's group chat, join our exclusive DishCourse Fam Facebook group and Discord server!

  5. Come back: You can attend as many dinner parties as you like. There are no rules on how many you can join. And if you happen to run into a "stranger" you've already met, it's a great opportunity to get to know them even better. We also hold meet-ups and "family reunion" events for DishCourse guests to connect with the larger DC fam!

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What to expect.

So, what am I paying for?

Delicious food

We have partnered with the best restaurants in Charlotte, offering unique, customized menus for each of our events.

Event facilitation & professional hosting

You’re not just paying for dinner, you’re paying for an experience. Your dedicated host will lead the table in icebreakers, games, and more to help you get to know your new friends. 


Event coordination

It takes a lot of wonderful work to put these dinner parties together. We love what we do, but it ain’t for free. 

Parting gifts

At the conclusion of each dinner party, you won't just walk away with new friends. You'll also receive a handmade gift from your host!

Post-event community + events

We'll get a group chat going so you can stay in touch with your new friends. We also set up meet-ups and "family reunion" events for you to connect with the larger DishCourse community.

Waitlist & Refunds

Waitlist and Refund Policy

Waitlist policy: If our event sells out, you may sign up to be added to the waitlist. If we receive a cancellation, we will release tickets. We will go in the order of the waitlist, unless it is the week of the event. In that case, we will release tickets to everyone on the waitlist. 


Refund policy: We understand things come up. We are able to process a credit (to use toward a future event) or refund 7+ days before the event. Otherwise, we are unable to process refunds. Thank you for your understanding!

Join the club.

Stay connected so you can be the first to know when new events are added to our social calendar!

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