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Upcoming events


Cat Lady Wine Night

The Wine Loft

Tue, 4/23



Moms Wine Night Out

The Wine Loft

Tue, 5/14



Starting Over Dinner Party

Good Food on Montford

Tue, 5/21



Women in Business Dinner

Church & Union

Tue, 4/30



Childfree by Choice

The Wine Loft

Wed, 5/15



Corks & Candles

Wine Night + Candle Class

Wed, 5/22



The Bachelor Uncorked

with Madina Alam

Tue, 5/7


Book Lover's Brunch

Café Monte Bistro

Sat, 5/18


About Us:

DishCourse is a professional event planning company dedicated to connecting strangers and fostering new friendships. We specialize in organizing dinner parties and other engaging events centered around common interests. Our mission is to bring people together and build a vibrant community through shared experiences.


How It Works:

Our process is simple and user-friendly. We release tickets for our events ~4 weeks in advance, allowing guests to browse our calendar and select the event that best suits their preferences. Each event offers a unique theme, location, and menu offerings, ensuring there is something for everyone.


The DishCourse Experience:

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional and curated experience at every event. When you arrive at the venue, you will be warmly greeted by your dedicated DishCourse Host, who will guide you to a beautifully customized table with a personalized place setting just for you. As an additional surprise, you will find a hand-crafted gift waiting for you at your seat.


Throughout the event, we facilitate icebreakers, interactive games, and engaging activities to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. We also organize exciting giveaways to add an element of excitement. And, of course, we provide a delightful culinary experience featuring the finest food and drinks that Charlotte has to offer.


Our Why:

DishCourse Events was born out of personal experience and a genuine desire to address a common challenge many individuals face—building meaningful connections as adults. After relocating from Wisconsin to Charlotte in 2018, our founder discovered the difficulties of forging new friendships while managing the demands of work and everyday life.


Recognizing the importance of community and human connection, DishCourse was created with the purpose of providing a conducive environment and opportunity to meet new people. Our aim is to alleviate the burdensome aspects of socializing by taking care of the planning and logistics, allowing guests to fully focus on nurturing the relationships right in front of them.


Join us at DishCourse Events, and let us guide you on a journey of connection, exploration, and the joy of shared experiences. Together, we will build a thriving community, one event at a time.

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