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The Story of DishCourse

In the summer of 2018, I decided to pick up my life and move from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Charlotte, North Carolina. To be honest, it was a bit of a whim. I have always been a little impulsive and thought - "hey, this could be one of my last chances to do something completely wild." I stuffed whatever belongings would fit in my 2014 Mazda3 and headed south.

When I got here, the first thing I thought was, "wow, it's hot." I chose to move in the middle of June, just as the southern sun started burning its hottest. I was in the middle of uptown Charlotte and suddenly I completely lost vision. That's how I learned the importance of hydration.

Over the first several months of living in Charlotte, my entire life changed. I saw the ocean and climbed a mountain for the first time. I was scared and clueless, and had absolutely to friends, family, or connections. I was living out of my car until I found my first horrendously cheap (and very questionable) apartment. I was excited, scared, and completely overwhelmed.

I didn't understand how to make friends as an adult. I had the same problem back in Wisconsin. Once we all graduated high school and college, meeting people felt awkward, uncomfortable, and forced. It felt easier to just stay home and watch Gossip Girl. And that's because, well, it is way easier to do that. However, I decided that if I'm going to uproot my entire life and move across the country, I am going to commit. Part of that commitment is to replant my roots and create a real life for myself, which includes building a community and social circle for myself.

Now, when I moved to Charlotte I was 25. Full of energy, confident, and also a little desperate to connect. I had to really put myself out there to find my people and build my network. It is an extremely labor intensive process. You have to find these people and strike conversation, and you have to keep putting in the work to build a true friendship. You have to show up. You have to follow up and follow through. What can make this process so frustrating is the fact that these magical scenarios and environments where friendships can blossom are seemingly impossible to find. Not everyone is confident enough to walk up to a group of strangers and say, "hey, you seem interesting. Want to be friends?" That's when I really started thinking about DishCourse.

DishCourse was created to provide an environment for people to meet and connect with each other without intimidation. I limit the tables to groups of 6 strangers so that it doesn't feel overwhelming. I will also takes care of everything for you. From the themes and planning to the beautifully laid table with customized place setting, I'll order the food and drinks and run the entire event. We'll do introductions and icebreakers, play games, do giveaways, and more importantly, truly connect with each other.

Now, remember that part I mentioned earlier about follow-up? That's still important. At the end, we will create a group chat and I'll add you to our DishCourse Family Facebook group and Discord server, but you have to stay connected for real friendships to continue from this unique experience. Whether you connected with all 5 of your fellow DishCourse guests or just a few, send that text. Ask for coffee. Set up after-work cocktails. Friendship starts at the table, but it doesn't end there.

I am so honored and excited to present this unique opportunity to guests. Hope to see you at the table soon! Check out our upcoming events and grab tickets today.

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