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SkillPop and DishCourse Events Join Forces to Create Unique Experiences in Charlotte

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Charlotte, NC – October 17, 2023 – Two Charlotte-based organizations, SkillPop and DishCourse Events™, have united to provide the Charlotte community with an innovative and unparalleled experience. Founded by two passionate and dedicated female entrepreneurs, Haley Bohon of SkillPop and Heather Siblik of DishCourse, this partnership aims to enrich the lives of Charlotte residents by fostering connections, new friendships, and skill development.

SkillPop, a renowned skill-sharing platform, has been a staple in the Charlotte community for years. SkillPop provides engaging classes, workshops, and events that empower individuals to learn new skills and unlock their full potential. On the other hand, DishCourse Events™ specializes in curating intimate gatherings, bringing together small groups of 4-8 individuals for memorable dinner parties and mixers.

This exciting partnership between SkillPop and DishCourse Events introduces a novel way for Charlotte residents to socialize, learn, and expand their horizons. The collaboration begins with the DishCourse mixer, where guests can meet new people in an intimate and welcoming setting. These newfound connections will then carry over to SkillPop classes, allowing participants to embark on a skill-learning journey with their newly formed friends. This innovative blend of two unique offerings will create a truly exceptional and unforgettable experience for the Charlotte community.

Heather Siblik, Founder of DishCourse Events, shared her enthusiasm: "DishCourse Events has always been about fostering meaningful connections through shared experiences. Partnering with SkillPop allows us to extend those connections into the realm of skill development, creating a holistic and memorable experience for our guests."

The partnership between SkillPop and DishCourse Events offers an exciting opportunity for Charlotte residents to come together, learn, and grow, all while building lasting friendships. As the Charlotte community continues to evolve and thrive, this collaboration will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the array of experiences available to residents.

For more information about SkillPop and DishCourse Events, please visit their respective websites:

SkillPop: []

DishCourse Events™: []

About SkillPop:

SkillPop is a Charlotte-based company founded by Haley Bohon, offering a wide range of classes and workshops to help individuals learn new skills and enhance their personal and professional lives.

About DishCourse Events™:

DishCourse Events™, founded by Heather Siblik, is a professional event planning company dedicated to connecting strangers and fostering new friendships. They specialize in organizing dinner parties and other engaging events centered around common interests. Their mission is to bring people together and build a vibrant community through shared experiences.

For media inquiries or more information about this partnership, please contact:

Heather Siblik

CEO, Owner of DishCourse Events™


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