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DishCourse Events and Queen's University of Charlotte Unite to Celebrate Women's Sports Enthusiasts

Charlotte, North Carolina – DishCourse Events is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Queens University of Charlotte. Together, they are on a mission to bring together individuals who share a common interest and deep respect for women in sports, fostering not only camaraderie but also championing equality in collegiate athletics.

DishCourse Events is an event planning and facilitation company that specializes in crafting exceptional, intimate experiences centered around shared passions and topics of discussion. With this unique expertise, they are poised to host an intimate dinner party on December 6th that will unite six strangers whose hearts beat for women's sports, and who are unwavering advocates for equity in collegiate athletics. These events will provide a platform for like-minded individuals to bond over their shared love for women's sports and set the stage for lasting friendships.

Heather Siblik, owner of DishCourse Events, is excited about this partnership, remarking, "DishCourse Events' mission has always been to bring small groups of people together based on common interests. Our collaboration with Queens University of Charlotte is a strategic step towards creating enduring connections among fans of women's sports, while simultaneously raising awareness about the importance of equity in collegiate athletics."

Following the dinner, guests will be treated to a women's basketball game at Queens, where they will have the incredible opportunity to sit courtside. This will allow guests to witness firsthand the skill, dedication, and competitive spirit of female athletes, reinforcing the significance of women's sports in the collegiate arena.

Mia Bonacore, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing at Queen's University of Charlotte, is equally enthusiastic about this initiative, stating, “A partnership with DishCourse perfectly aligns with our mission to grow, create, and connect fans and families. With the growing popularity of college women’s basketball, it is with pleasure that I can work with Heather to drive attendance to Queens women’s basketball games. Heather and I share the same intentions to build long-term partnerships that focus on bringing people together. Queens Athletics’ partnership with DishCourse is a unique and exciting way to capitalize on Charlotte’s undeniable passion for sports.”

As a poignant conclusion to this extraordinary evening, attendees will receive a thoughtfully curated gift symbolizing the enduring friendships formed during the dinner party, as well as their shared love and respect for women in sports.

This partnership between DishCourse Events and Queen's University of Charlotte is not only strategic but also an embodiment of how shared passions and interests can bring people together. By uniting fans of women's sports, they are working to strengthen the bonds of like-minded individuals and drive awareness for the imperative of equity within collegiate athletics.

DishCourse Events is an event planning, facilitation, and community building company that organizes intimate dinner parties for 4-8 strangers. Each dinner is based around common interests and topics of discussion, offering a unique platform for individuals to connect and create lasting relationships.

About Queens Athletics:

A leading NCAA program and member of the ASUN Conference located in Charlotte, N.C., Queens has been competing in co-ed intercollegiate athletics for 30-plus years. Distinguished by its commitment to nurturing excellence through a purposeful process, Queens Athletics intentionally promotes a unique experience that leads to success as the Royals deliver sustainable performances at or above a 3.3 GPA in the classroom. In competition, Queens ranked in the top 10 of the Learfield Directors’ Cup for five consecutive years.

Housing a diverse portfolio of varsity-level sports, Queens athletes represent nearly 50 countries. The Royals hold 28 team national championship trophies, 144 individual national titles, and 103 conference tournament championships. Queens produces professional athletes and is an Olympians and Paralympians Made Here designated institution.

Queens University of Charlotte is located in one of America’s fastest-growing cities, offering an extended classroom to students and a direct pipeline to meaningful careers for graduates. On track to become the national private university of Charlotte, Queens University serves around 2,000 students in undergraduate and masters-level programs across the liberal arts and sciences as well as the professional fields of business, communication, nursing, health, and education. Queens’ unique General Education model teaches students to think critically about some of the world’s biggest problems, beyond the boundaries of what’s expected in a college classroom. The U.S. News & World Report ranked Queens 9th among regional universities in the south in its 2022 edition of Best Colleges.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Heather Siblik

Owner, DishCourse Events


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