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DishCourse Announces Exciting Partnerships with Church & Union and The Wine Loft in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - DishCourse, the leading platform for connecting strangers and building social wealth in the Charlotte community, is thrilled to announce its newest restaurant partnerships with Church & Union and The Wine Loft. These collaborations mark an important milestone for DishCourse as it expands its Restaurant Partner Portfolio and strengthens its commitment to providing unforgettable dining experiences for its members.

Interior of Church & Union restaurant in Charlotte
Church & Union in Charlotte, North Carolina

Church & Union, located in the heart of Charlotte, is renowned for its contemporary American cuisine and warm, inviting atmosphere. Boasting a diverse menu crafted with locally sourced ingredients, Church & Union offers a delectable range of dishes, including innovative takes on traditional favorites. With its commitment to culinary excellence and community engagement, Church & Union perfectly aligns with DishCourse's mission of fostering connections and social growth among strangers in Charlotte.

Bar at The Wine Loft in South End Charlotte
The Wine Loft in South End, Charlotte

The Wine Loft, an esteemed establishment known for its extensive wine selection and sophisticated ambiance, provides the perfect backdrop for DishCourse's social gatherings. Located in a vibrant neighborhood, The Wine Loft offers a refined dining experience where guests can indulge in carefully curated wines from around the world, complemented by an array of delectable small plates. With its emphasis on quality, taste, and hospitality, The Wine Loft embodies the essence of DishCourse's commitment to creating memorable moments for its members.

At DishCourse, our mission is to connect strangers in the Charlotte community to like-minded individuals and help them build their social wealth through engaging events such as dinner parties, brunches, and more. With the addition of Church & Union and The Wine Loft to our esteemed Restaurant Partner Portfolio, we are excited to provide our members with exceptional culinary experiences and unique opportunities to forge meaningful connections.

"We are incredibly thrilled to welcome Church & Union and The Wine Loft to the DishCourse family," said Heather Siblik, Owner, CEO of DishCourse. "These partnerships highlight our dedication to partnering with exceptional local restaurants that share our passion for fostering connections and creating unforgettable experiences. We are confident that our members will be delighted by the exceptional cuisine, warm hospitality, and captivating ambiances offered by both Church & Union and The Wine Loft."

DishCourse's collaborations with Church & Union and The Wine Loft underscore its commitment to working closely with local businesses to strengthen the Charlotte community. By supporting these remarkable restaurants, DishCourse aims to promote the city's thriving culinary scene and contribute to its social fabric.

To learn more about DishCourse and its upcoming events at Church & Union and The Wine Loft, visit

About DishCourse

DishCourse is an professional event planning company that connects strangers in the Charlotte community, fostering social wealth through engaging culinary experiences. By organizing intimate dinner parties, brunches, and other events, DishCourse aims to create opportunities for like-minded individuals to connect, share stories, and build lasting relationships.

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