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Small businesses rule.

Our mission revolves around bringing the local community together and fostering new friendships. That should include our network of talented small business owners and creators. Each dinner party provides an exclusive, curated experience, and can connect you with new customers and gain well-deserved exposure.

Weaving Macrame

We want to collaborate with you.

Each DishCourse dinner party is for a group of 4-8 guests. At each event, we gift handmade items to show our support for local businesses. Let us know what you make and how we can work together to share it with our audience.

How it works.

You submit your information including who you are and what you make. We will contact you to work out supply and special pricing. In return, we'll give you exposure to not just our guests, but our networks. You will be branded as a sponsor of the dinner party your gifting for. 

Candle Packaging
Let's work together.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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